Nowadays, muscle shirts are worn not only for training. Especially in the summer they are popular garments for both women and men. Worn as the only shirt, it is very airy and the wearer or the wearer can simultaneously ” show arm “. In the category of underwear fall the muscle shirts, if you look at it entirely correct.

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The close-fitting cut, and the carrier resemble an undershirt, because the muscle shirt, the arms and the shoulders are uncovered. The freedom of movement is not hindered by the shirt, which is particularly positive comes into play during sports. Nothing hangs loosely around, like a second skin is the muscle shirt to the body. Initially, the popular shirts were worn only by muscular men who wanted to make her toned body to flaunt. Today more and more women attend gyms and also showing their shapely arms and shoulders.

Sporty outfit

For Sport Muscle Shirts can be combined with matching sweat pants. They fit long pants as well as to short and three-quarter length sports pants. During leisure, can be muscle shirts both jeans, shorts as well as swimwear to combine excellent.

As a recreational Shirts

As a leisure shirt you can see muscle shirts in the pool and on the beach, in women and men most often. The reason is that the upper arms are tanned seamlessly, despite wearing a shirt.

Sexy disco outfit

Also at the disco fall on more and more muscle shirts, they are combined from the women with tight skinny jeans or sexy hot pants. The men wear it with jeans. Through their variety of colors Muscle Shirts provide a combination of freedom without restrictions. But beware, for all: only with a toned body muscle shirts see good, otherwise it can be a laughing stock quickly. Who is well toned, signaled by a muscle shirt fashion sense and a healthy body image. A good figure should not hide the right opportunity shapely physique should be shown self-confident.

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